ICO is planned to start on April 3, 2018.
As the attraction of investments is carried out in the ATS format which allows private investors to profit from purchased tokens or sell their assets at any time to other ATS participants, we do not limit the ATS to any particular duration, but we plan that the ATS process should be successfully completed in the course of 3 months after the official commencement.
No, it is not. ICO premature closure is impossible. However it is important to note that a products development process will be launched as soon as the project team will attract at least $ 5,000,000 as a result of direct sales of tokens.
You can buy tokens on ICO for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our ICO platform leaves open the possibility of using other currencies (optional, by decision of the administration).
The minimum purchase amount is one (1) token at current selling price.
The minimum sale amount is one (1) token, while the maximum amount is not limited. But you must remember that minimum and maximum value in money equivalent, set by the administration for each specific period of time, is applied to selling tokens to other participants/members.
A special interface will be available on your personal account for withdrawal of tokens to your e-wallet within a week after ICO completion.
The placement dates will be announced by a special message from the administration after the end of ATS.
No additional issues of tokens after ICO are expected.
In order to successfully achieve the goals set for the project, we decided not to sacrifice quality or limit the functionality of the products, therefore we decided not to use the concept of the minimum amount necessary for their implementation - our goal is to attract funding above 25,000,000 USD, this is the amount of funding necessary so that our investors and clients could reliably receive a quality project that can change the ICO market.
All funds obtained by the VIRUS project team will be allocated in the following way:
- 75%: product development, creation of the project infrastructure;
- 15 %: creation of a legal framework of the project;
- 10%: promotion of the project after the launch.
The market price of a token is determined not by ICO administration, but by its participants.
The growth of the token price will depend on the activity of ATS participants.
The administration reserves the right to inspect accounts connected by a referral link and belonging to one person with further blocking in case of violation of rules.
Participation in ATS can be granted to any person who has reached the age of 18 years and who is not a resident of countries where participation in ICO projects is prohibited at the level of legislation. The project team is not responsible for compliance of the ICO participants with these restrictions and leaves this requirement in the format of a public offer agreement when registering in the project and disclaims any responsibility for any unfair behavior of the participants.

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