Where innovative technologies are concerned, the most difficult problem afflicting us is to correctly communicate our goals and objectives to potential investors, future clients, and, possibly, business partners.

Translation of the site content to many languages is a partial and not always right option; nothing will substitute communication with an experienced consultant who speaks same language with you, both literally and figuratively. We have developed a program of regional partners, a tool that will secure correct and understandable conveying our thoughts to a wide range of people around the globe.


How will I be
rewarded for my work:

  1. Once a week, you should send a report on the work done supported by a full list of completed tasks in English to a special mail of the project team or to your curator.
  2. We will review your report and publish the summary in an open source.
  3. Once you have performed more than 80% of your weekly tasks, you will receive a compensation for the work done on your personal account.

A regional consultant is not just a person in online chat; in fact, he is our voice and our face in a particular region, country, city, etc.

The main task of the regional consultant is to popularize the ideas of our project in our region, to deliver individual and group presentations, to explain the peculiarities of working with our products, both at the ICO stage and after launching products for a wide range of clients.

We clearly understand that such work requires a large amount of time and effort from someone who wants to become our regional consultant, so we have decided upon an unprecedented form of cooperation at the moment - a weekly compensation to all current regional consultants in the form of project tokens, and also on the possibility of permanent employment of the best of them in our project upon successful completion of ATS.

How to become our regional

  1. You should own project tokens in the amount not less than 0.25 BTC.
  2. You must complete a questionnaire on the following link: Complete a questionnaire
  3. Within 72 hours after submitting the questionnaire, a representative of the project team or one of our regional consultants will contact you
  4. After a successful interview, you will receive a list of tasks for the next week.

Miscellaneous conditions for working
with regional consultants:

  1. The project team reserves the right for random inspecting the relevance of contact data and a loyalty of regional consultants. The results of these inspections will be published in an open source and those who fail to verify will be debarred.
  2. All regional consultants` contact details will be published on the open project website, and this condition is not subject to discussion for a partnership contract between the project and regional consultant(s).
  3. Regional consultants will be compensated exclusively in the form of project tokens until ATS completion.

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