How does the AGGRESSIVE TOKEN SALE work?

It is known that ICO covers stages from the sale of tokens, fund-raising completion, emitting tokens into free circulation on a stock exchange, and product development resulted from all previous activities. But we consider using such a scheme in this particular case ineffective, as it does not provide sufficient interest of investors to our proposal.

After consulting with professionals and experts in attracting investments to start-up projects, we have developed a new ICO format - the aggressive token sale (ATS).

The principal characteristic of this mode is that the project investors when buying the tokens, may receive significant profit within the ICO. This option allows you not to wait for successful completion of the ICO and release of tokens to stock exchange. At the same time, we, as the project founders, receive the funds required for implementation of our product with a greater probability of success.

Such mode can help us
solve 2 issues we face when
selling our products:


obtain sufficient
funding for development
advertising of the product


create a global community
among users of the product. This will help
to obtain a more accurate
representative sample for analytical

In order to successfully achieve the goals set for the project, we decided not to sacrifice quality or limit the functionality of the products, therefore we decided not to use the concept of the minimum amount necessary for their implementation - our goal is to attract funding above

25 000 000 USD

this is the amount of funding necessary so that our investors and clients could reliably receive a quality project that can change the ICO market.


product development, creation of the project infrastructure


creation of a legal framework of the project


promotion of the project after the launch

How does the ATS process work?

How does the ATS process work?

ATS is carried out as a series of individual rounds,
with a result of

80 000 000 tokens of the proposed project are sold.

Each round in turn consists of 2 stages:

- stabilization stage

- growth stage

The stabilization stage

The stabilization stage is a period during which you can purchase tokens at a fixed price. At this stage you can purchase tokens exclusively from the project team.

The stage is completed after a sale of all the tokens that have been allocated for this round.

The growth stage

The growth stage is a period during which you can acquire tokens from both ATS administration and directly from participants who already own tokens but plan to sell them at a market value at the time of sale. This stage is different in that the rule of constant growth of the price of tokens operates then.

After a successful sale of each token from the system, the market value increases by a certain coefficient that depends on dynamics of the ATS. Sale of tokens between participants does not affect the price increase.

The stage is completed after a sale of all the tokens that have been allocated for this round.

ATS participants receive an opportunity to independently choose who to purchase tokens from - either from the project team or from other participants, therefore each participant receives an opportunity to play on token price differences during a carrying out of ATS.


How can we buy tokens from the project team?

Regardless of the ATS current round and the stage you will have the opportunity to purchase VIRUS project tokens directly from the project team.

We would like to draw your attention to some important points in the purchasing process:

  1. The following currencies will be available for token purchase: Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  2. The minimum purchase amount is limited to 1 VIRUS project token at the current price at the time of purchase, the maximum amount is unlimited.
  3. All token purchases are made by crediting the balance in your personal area and its further expenditure.
  4. By purchasing a certain number of tokens during the growth stage, you should take into account that the final purchase price will be recalculated on the basis that each next token is more expensive than the previous one. After the purchase, the price of the token is recalculated for the rest of participants.
  5. The person who invited you to the ATS receives a remuneration of 50% of the value of tokens you buy (subject to registration via his referral link). The remuneration may be awarded either in VIRUS tokens or in Bitcoin or Ethereum currencies, provided certain conditions are met. You can receive more details on the website in the Partnership Offer section.
Rules for buying/selling tokens between project participants

When ATS reaches a next growth stage its participants have the opportunity to internally trade in tokens with all the necessary tools available on the investor`s personal page of the official ATS website.

To gain access to the possibility of internal purchase/sale of tokens, each participant must fulfill the following 2 requirements:

  1. he needs to have the project tokens in the equivalent of 0.001 BTC at the current exchange rate
  2. the participant must also be registered in the project for at least 168 hours (one week)

There are also several important points of the internal trade mechanism that are worth noting:

  1. To offer tokens for sale to other participants you must always comply with the terms of the minimum and maximum amount of the order which is set by the administration.
  2. The price with which tokens will be put up for sale is not set by the seller, but is set automatically and it will always be equal to the present value of selling the tokens by the project team.
  3. A put up order for sale of tokens enters a general queue which can be tracked in the personal area.
  4. Purchase of tokens from other participants does not allow you to select a specific seller and the order under which the purchase will take place. The system will automatically select the "oldest" order (or orders) from the sales order queue - speaking in the language of stock exchange, an "order book" is automatically generated.
  5. In the process of purchasing a token from another platform participant, the seller must pay a commission of 10% of the price of the token being sold to the system. The commission is drawn automatically after a successful transaction.