If we think globally about the history of Mankind, we cannot deny that many events occur cyclically. The similarity between sociocultural phenomena can be traced by a number of examples. The events related to the desire to make a unique discovery or get rich are not necessarily landmarks which abruptly change the course of the history. Just remember how the planet was struck by the Gold Rush in the middle of the XIX century. Now we see as a new virus - digital currencies - is capturing the world. The news about the exchange rates, opportunities and the future of the digital currency market is followed by virtually anyone who has an access to the Internet.

Every day we have got a new information from thousands of sources. To successfully analyze the trends of the new Golden Rush, unprepared people should spend dozens of hours analyzing forums, chats, and closed communities. Since many are interested in digital currencies, some projects are trying to exploit an "informational blow-up" around new currencies and digital technologies - sometimes for marketing purposes, sometimes for investing.

By its very nature, ICO is another tool for quick attracting capital from unknown persons in order to provide them with future services or digital currencies.

Of course, not everyone can study the digital market overnight, which is used by unscrupulous creators of investment projects. It is now easier to make a list of successful ICOs that failed to provide their "miracle product" and evaporated in the air, than recall those who have fulfilled their obligations after successful mobilizing funds.

Some people manage to earn money even in such situation. But is it worth speculating to get a tangible financial result? So far, we have had sporadic projects that deliver on their promises. Hundreds of thousands of investors lose their funds. This is a gloomy fact which may lead to complete distrust of digital currencies. In the future, millions of people may suffer from abrupt transition of the digital currency market simply into a soap bubble.

We strive to avoid such a gloomy perspective and want to radically change the situation on the ICO market

Our future products and the scheme of raising funds for implementation are aimed at proving a message - it is not enough to think differently, it is worth doing differently.

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